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Brand: Svend_Andersen
Dial Style: Round
Model: World Time, No. 438/500
Numer of Jewels:
Case Metal: 18K WG
Reference Number:

Sold Date: 9/30/1999
Price Realized: $5175
Courtesy of Antiquorum

Svend Andersen, Geneve, Christophorus Colombus - 1492-1992, No. 438/500, delivered in May 1992. Very fine and rare, self-winding, water-resistant, extra-flat, "World Time", 18K white gold gentleman's wristwatch with two crowns, coral wood fitted box and certificate. C. flat (0,9 mm.), two body, massive, polished, on the back an engraved astrolabium, stepped bezel. D. at the centre on a blue lacquer finish gold background, Europe and America depicted in white gold powder and connected with a line showing the path Columbus took; surrounding the map, two revolving matte silver ring dials, motioned by the second crown; one with the 24 nocturnal and diurnal hours, the other one bearing the names of 30 cities in the world. "Dauphine" white gold hands. M. mechanicl with automatic winding. Dial and case signed. Diam. 35 mm. This watch is part of a limited edition of 500 examples commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the extraordinary discovery voyage of Christopher Colombus in 1492.The limited production of this watch is:- 300 pieces in yellow gold- 100 pieces in white gold- 50 pieces in pink gold- 50 pieces in platinum (46 g. platinum case) (Condition: C 2 D 2 - 01 M * 2) (Grade: AA)