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Alain Silberstein, France, 'Krono 2' Automatique. Produced in the 1990's. Fine and unusual,
Krono 2, *, *
Alain Silberstein, 'Krono'. Produced in the 1980's. Fine, astronomic, blackened metal gentleman's
Krono, 17J, *
Alain Silberstein, France, 'Israel 50', No 05/10. Produced in 1998. Fine center seconds,
Israel 50, 21J, stainless
Alain Silberstein, France. Unique piece made expressly for the Hong Kong return to China, in 1997.
*, 21J, 18K PG
Alain Silberstein, France, 'Chinois', No 09/10. Produced in 1998. Fine center seconds,
Chinois, 21J, stainless
Alain Silberstein, 'Krono 1', No. 6. First automatic chronograph created by Alain Silberstein in
Krono 1, No. 6, 17J, *
Alain Silberstein, Fran-ce, 'Marine A', No. 088 /100. Produced in a li-mited edition of 100
Marine A, No. 08, 37J, stainless
Alain Silberstein, France, 'Krono 2' Chronometre, No. 054/999. Produced in a limited edition of 999
Krono 2, No. 054/999, 17J, stainless
Alain Silberstein, France, Kronomarine Rattrapante, No. 17/100, 1990's. Fine and unusual,
No. 17/100, 27J, *
Alain Silberstein, France, 'Krono A' Automatique, No. 58/250 (2). Limited edition of 100 examples.
Krono A, No. 58/25, 37J, stainless steel