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Guebelin, No. 132517, 'Automatic', 1950's. Very fine carre galbe center second, self-winding, 18K
Automatic, No. 132517, 17J, 18K gold
Audemars Piguet, Geneve, No. 13530, retailed by Guebelin, Lucerne (Switzerland), circa 1950.
No. 13530, 29J, 18K YG
E. Guebelin, Lucerne, 'Ipso Day'. Produced in the 1950's. Fine, center-seconds, self-winding,
Ipso Day, 25J, 18K YG
Guebelin, Swiss, 1940's. Fine and rare, astronomic, center second, self-winding, square, 18K yellow
*, 25J, 18K YG