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Officine Panerai Firenze 1860, Mare Nostrum - Slytech Panerai - Special Edition Sylvester Stallone,
No. 008/500, *, stainless
Officine Panerai, 'Luminor Marina', Automatique, 1990's. Fine, cushion-shaped, self-winding,
Luminor Marina, 21J, stainless
Officine Panerai Firenze, 'Mare Nostrum', No. 459, model No. 5218/301A. Produced circa 1995.Large
Mare Nostrum, No. 459, 43J, stainless
Officine Panerai Firenze 1860, 'Mare Nostrum', No. 459, model 5218 - 301 A, circa 1996.Large and
Mare Nostrum, No. 459, 43J, stainless
Officine Panerai Firenze,'Radiomir', 1950-60's.Set of four very rare military diving instruments:
*, 17J, *
Officine Panerai, Firenze, 'Luminor Marina'. Produced in the late 1990's. Fine and large,
Luminor Marina, 17J, *
Officine Panerai, Firenze 1860, 'Luminor Panerai - Automatic Chrono', No. 470/500, Ref. PAM 00072.
Luminor Panerai - Automatic Chrono, No. 470/500, 31J, stainless
Officine Panerai, Firenze, 'Radiomir Panerai - GMT/Alarm', No. 077/500, No. BB1041003, Ref. OP
Radiomir Panerai - GMT/Alarm, No. 077/500, 31J, stainless
Officine Panerai Firenze 1860, 'Mare Nostrum', OP 6501, No. BB 97075. Produced circa 1996. Fine,
Mare Nostrum, No. B, 43J, stainless
Officine Panerai, Firenze, 'Mare Nostrum'. Produced in the 1990's. Fine and large, water-resistant
Mare Nostrum, 43J, stainless
Marina Militare 'Luminor Panerai', Officine Panerai Firenze. Produced in the 1950's. Very rare,
Luminor Panerai, 16J, stainless
Officine Panerai , 'Luminor Panerai - Marina Militare' - No. P.0019, Ref. 5218-202/A, made in 1993.
Luminor Panerai - Marina Militare, No. P.0019, 17J, stainless
Officine Panerai Firenze 1860, Luminor Submersible, No. OP6541, No. 203992, 1990's. Large and rare,
AISI 316L, No. OP6541, 21J, stainless