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Poljot, 'Czar Nicolas II', case No. N 16894. Produced in 1993 to commemorate the 125th anniversary
Czar Nicolas II, 18J, stainless
Poljot, 'Cosmonaut', Russian, No. 93605. Produced in 1993. Unusual water-resistant, stainless steel
Cosmonaut, No. 93605, 23J, stainless
Poljot 'Buran Mig 29', No. 123/980. Produced in a limited edition of 980 examples in 1993. Unusual
Buran Mig 29, No. 123/980, 23J, stainless
Poljot 'Pilot', No. 32637. Produced in the 1970's. Interesting water-resistant, tonneau-shaped,
Pilot, No. 32637, 23J, stainless
Poljot, 'Poseidon', Russia, No. 2612.1, case No. 2792/3000. Produced in a limited edition of 3000
Poseidon, No. 2612.1, 18J, *
Poljot, Juri, case No. 083634. Produced in 1993. Center-seconds, water-resistant, chro-mium-plated,
*, 18J, *
Poljot, 'Chronograph', Russia, No. 26242, case No. 806043. Produced in 1993. Fine tonneau-shaped
Chronograph, No. 26242, 23J, stainless